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*Best of Foot Torture


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Luca is chained, flat on his back, fully clothed. First his shoes and socks are removed from his right foot and his right sole is brutally smacked with the horse crop. Then the same is done to his left foot.

Garrett is spread-eagled face down, naked but for tennis shoes and socks. One shoe and sock is removed and his beautiful foot is beat mercilessly with the crop, with occasional smacks to his gorgeous ass. Then Jared moves to his next foot and repeats the bastinado. Garrett’s screams and looks of agony are almost as good as his feet.

Darren, a strapping soldier, is bound naked facedown to the X-cross. The soles of both feet are brutally beat, then he’s stretched on his back on a long platform and forced to keep his feet elevated over a electrified spring. Every time his legs give out, he’s shocked!

Kory Houston is spread-eagled on the torture table, his cock and balls covered with pins. Jared slowly removes Kory’s socks, revealing the beautiful feet of a teenaged boy. Hours of horrible bastinado follow, leaving Kory screaming and flexing in agony. Then he’s flipped over on his stomach and the beating of his soles continues, even harder.

Glen, a young muscle boy, is stretched on a wooded platform, naked. The soles of his feet are beaten with the crop and the flogger. “Why are you here boy?” the whip-man asks. “I’m here to suffer, sir!” he replies.

Brian Cole, the famous BDSM porn-star, is stretched on his back, naked, his body scared from earlier whippings. He curls his feet as his soles are brutally beat.

Noah is an innocent teenager, blindfolded and shirtless on the bondage table. His cock is pulled out of his pants, then his shoes and socks are removed. His cock shrivels in pain as his bare soles are brutally beat with the riding-crop and caressed before they are whipped some more.
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