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COLE "The Gymnast" (Part 1) and COLBY bonus


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We often see fit young men milling around the local community center and fantasize about getting one of them to hop in our car. So imagine our smiles when 18-year-old Cole, a gymnast, reluctantly accepts the offer of a ride and jumps into our Lexus – the biggest mistake of his life. Cole is tied down on his back and gradually stripped, his nipples and abs whipped with a nasty crop after his shirt is pulled up, then cut away. Nasty alligator clips are clamped to his nipples and all over his cock and balls. His lean, muscular torso is whipped, first by one man, than by two men simultaneously. He is stretched to the breaking point on the rack – and brutally whipped by both men again. He’s left at maximum stretch for hours until he’s flipped over and his perfect, round ass and broad, muscular back are whipped bright pink.

Part 2 features the best high school wrestler Colby’s intense torture. Jared stretches the 18-year-old to his breaking point, whips his spread-eagled body, strings him up by the wrists and whips him with the single-tail, then crucifies him on the fuck cross. Colby is a virgin so his ass-fucking is brutal, but Jared jerks him off while he’s impaled on the cross.

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