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MARSHALL "Mandatory and Severe"


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In America’s dystopian future, not too far from now, beautiful young men like Marshall are kept smooth and hairless and rented out as sex slaves. If they object, as Marshall does, they are subject to mandatory and serve punishment. After being jailed, 21-year-old Marshall is dragged from his cell, strung up, stripped to the waist and brutally flogged on his back and chest, until his pants crumple to the ground and his cock and ass can also be whipped. He is brutally racked for hours and forced, in great pain, to jerk off for his tormentors. He is cuffed to the X-cross and his beautiful chest and abs are lacerated with the single-tail. Then he’s turned around and his ass and back get the same treatment. Finally, he’s crucified – and whipped while on the cross. Sex slave severely punished.
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 18 August, 2015.